No to Violence Against Women 2012

Campaign Poster

The 25th of November is an important day for ITF affiliates worldwide. It marks the day that the ITF family campaigns for the elimination of violence against women. The message for this year’s campaign is simple and clear: ‘NO to Violence Against Women’.

THIS YEAR’S CAMPAIGN: NO to Violence Against Women

 Declaring NO to violence against women is the first step in dealing with the issue. What needs to follow is strategic and coordinated union action – activities, collective bargaining outcomes, union and workplace policies and procedures, support networks, facilities for women, appointing Women’s Officers, creating Women’s Committees and networks and many other actions. Transport unions across the globe have and continue to respond to this issue. It is a collective union responsibility that requires a collective union response.


What can you and your union do?

ORGANISE AN ACTIVITY: When you fill out the order form for campaign materials, please let us know what activities you have planned for 25 November. As in previous years, we will highlight your events on the ITF website.

ORDER CAMPAIGN MATERIALS: This year you can order posters, calendars and ribbons. Place your order by completing the order form below and returning it by email or fax no later than Friday 26 October 2012.

SEND US YOUR PHOTOS & VIDEOS: After 25 November, please make sure you send through photos and/or videos from your campaign activity so that we can add them to the website.

Thank you in advance for your participation in the campaign this year and good luck with your activities.