BH: BAB meets banks' communication departments


Dr. Waheed Al Qassim, CEO of Bahrain Association of Banks (BAB) said that of Communications and Public Relations departments in the financial institutions must play an important role in promoting the banking and financial sector in the kingdom as one of the most developed and growing sectors in the region for nearly 40 years.

"This will strengthen the reputation of the economic sector, and will help attract foreign investments to the kingdom", he explained.

BAB held a meeting with number of banks’ public relations and communications seniors and managers to discuss the opportunities and challenges they face, in addition to their relationship with the Central Bank of Bahrain in terms of approving marketing campaigns for their new banking products, and terms and conditions of announcing financial results.

CEO of BAB has talked about the possibility of having a meeting with the CBB to clarify all the points were mentioned in the meeting.

Further, the Corporate Social Responsibility implemented by banks was discussed during the meeting. BAB has suggested launching a social initiative to serve the community and banks can contribute in it if they desire.
Commenting, CEO of BAB said: "this meeting comes as a part of regular meetings that BAB organizes with seniors in a specific department in banks to brainstorm ideas, and set the best visions to promote the work in banks’ various departments".

"This trend comes in line with BAB’s efforts to improve its services and play an effective role as an umbrella for all the banks and financial institutions in the kingdom", he added.

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